What is Important About Brand Identity for Your Business

You may not be aware of this yet but every company has a unique brand identity. Think about it. When you flip through the channels on your television or pages in a magazine and you can easily identify brands in commercials or advertisements before being blatantly told who it was. Brand identity is what consumers believe your company represents. It has to be emotionally compelling to consumers from the mere glance of it and it has to be distinguishable from your competition as well. To establish a notable presence in your market, it’s crucial to establish a brand identity for your business. No business owner wants their clients believing their business is comparable to everyone else’s. Differentiation is key.  You can always try to pick fonts and colours with the intention that they reflect something positive about yourself and your unique business. Having unique visual elements such as pattern, illustration, photography with flair and panache will help differentiate your brand as well. But what is really important when creating a brand identity and how do you start? Read on for what you really need to keep in mind of when shaping your company’s vision. Focus To begin, it’s always best to have a clear intention and goal for you to achieve. It could be that you want your company to be viewed as sleek and sophisticated, not geared towards the older generation but the  younger demographic of entrepreneurship. Ask yourself what your clients value the most from the services you provide. How are you different? How do you want people to think and feel when they visit your new website? Are there any perceptions about your business that you need to change? Inspiration It’s time to crack open the curtains and draw inspiration from the beauty of nature. Sure, brainstorming is a solid route to choose when figuring out what you want for your company but when you’re constantly staying inside your head, digging for new sparks of creativity, you’re going to find yourself in a dry rut. Why not use Pinterest? Why not look at your competitors? See what they’ve been up to, and think of ways that you can make it your own. Clarity Now that you’ve seen what other people are doing, it’s important on deciding what you want to achieve and can achieve. Take it step by step and think of ways you can slowly rebrand your company the way you feel like it should be. Rebranding your company is a big step and you want to make sure that you do it right. Regardless of whether you’re hiring a professional graphic designer or tackling the project with your team, make sure to let them know what’s on your mind. Communication and open dialogue is essential to successful brainstorming and evolving your ideas into a tangible project. Remain clear and consistent with your rebrand project – once you’ve started on the process, stick to it, and let your clients know that it’s happening. Your clients will start to see the slow changes and progress you’re making and soon, they will know it’s your company right off the bat.   Logo The key point to remember when redesigning or creating a logo from scratch is that simple is more. You need a logo that is smart, unique, and recognizable within seconds. Also, keep in mind that while it should be stylish, it should also be easy to read. Cohesiveness Much like redecorating a room in your house, when you’re finished your brand design you should take a step back to look over everything you’ve created to see if it is cohesive. After all, it wouldn’t make sense to have your Instagram photos have a different style from your website. Reviewing allows you to see if you were heading in the right direction all along. You’ll also know if your vision is as strong as you thought it would be or weaker than you expected, leaving consumers to feel less of an impact. Ask yourself “does this achieve what we set out to?” And also always remember that your brand identity should communicate confidence and professionalism, no matter what direction you decide to take.