What to Expect When Working With a Designer

If you haven’t worked with a professional graphic designer yet, you probably don’t know what to expect. Are they going to take control of your entire project and gear it towards a direction you never planned for? Or are they going to be too passive, design whatever you throw at them, and not give you the feedback you need? If they’re a good graphic designer, they would happily balance both of these extremes, offering exceptional service, while giving you the best end product possible. Here’s what you can expect from working with a designer… An informative website You’ve probably either heard of them from a friend or through a late night Google search. The first thing you can expect from the designer of your choice is that they should provide a website listing the skills they possess and the services they can provide to you. Trust in the designer can be built through scrolling and reading testimonials left by past clients. Positive testimonials with examples can reinforce your decision on whether or not you should hire them. Excellent communication skills Your company’s image that will communicate to your clients will be in the hands of the designer, so make sure that whoever you hired is actually good at communicating with you about your needs and their thoughts. However, keep in mind that designers can work the other way. They might think communicating with you is too hard. Just like business deals, designers can say no to your proposal as well. Attention to detail Designers know that changing the smallest details can greatly alter the impact of a brand identity. Trust that your designer that knows what works best in your case and see what they can create. Great customer service If they’re a professional, you can expect a response from them within 24 hours during a project’s standard working week. The telephone should be picked up throughout normal working hours or a call-back made in a timely fashion. Good Time Management Designers are constantly working on other projects, balancing deadlines in their sleep, and staying, generally, on top of everything. They’re trained professionals who are constantly working around the clock, so you can expect your deadlines to be met without a cinch. A strong portfolio Previous projects can speak volumes about what you can expect. While looking through portfolios, look for diversity in both client industry and project outcome for best well rounded results.